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Difference Between VPN and Proxy

Difference Between VPN and Proxy

When you want to surf anonymously, you can use the best vpn mac or proxy. Both VPN and proxy can change your visible geographical location, which will allow you to break the geographical restrictions that exist on the site. Imagine the number of streaming services that do not allow you to view their content when you are not in the right country. VPNs and proxies can change this at times, but both work in different ways. Even the word ‘proxy’ itself is a broad vocabulary of use with different meanings. For example, there are public and private proxies that have their own functions.

So, what exactly distinguishes VPN and proxy? Of the two, which one is the best to use? Although they have almost the same functions, their way of preparing for their internet connection is very different. We will explain the differences between them, the workings of several proxies, and the pros and cons of proxies and VPNs.

A proxy server is a server located between your computer and the internet. When you go online with a proxy, all of your internet traffic will be sent through a proxy first. Therefore, your data will look like it was directly obtained from a proxy and not from your own computer or IP address. When the VPN server automatically encrypts all of your data, the proxy does not do this. Thus, a proxy is able to manage large numbers of simultaneous connections from different users (usually in the tens of thousands). Proxy servers are able to communicate with the internet in several ways. They use two protocols for this purpose, namely: HTPP or SOCKS.

Compared to a proxy, you can use a VPN. It encrypted tunnel between your computer and server. The only thing that can be seen by your ISP, hackers, or possibly the government is your connection coming from your IP VPN server. All your online activities, your real IP, location and download history will remain hidden behind VPN encryption. Moreover, VPN gives you access to several different server locations, meaning you can reach different types of pages and services that are geographically restricted.

Not all VPNs are the same. Although each has a relatively similar goal, there are a number of additional factors that must be considered. We will explain three main considerations that you need to pay attention to.

The only party that can see your online activities while you are using a VPN is the VPN provider itself. In the end, your data traffic is sent through their server. It is therefore important to choose a trusted VPN provider that will not store any type of information about you. If they do, it is contrary to the purpose of the VPN itself: to ensure your anonymity and security while online.

Registering a VPN provider can make your data vulnerable to many dangerous consequences. The government can force VPN providers to show your data. So it’s important to always check if the VPN you are considering has a policy of not keeping records. If so, that means they promise not to save your data traffic so that other parties can’t see it too.

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