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VPN Is Actually A Network Within Another Network

VPN Is Actually A Network Within Another Network

VPN is basically extending your network through the public network by using a separate private network, or according to the abbreviation, VPN or Virtual Private Network is a virtual private connection network. So, it can be concluded that VPN is a virtual connection on a particular network and its data is encrypted. The technology was developed with the aim of enabling users who are not connected by cable and branch offices to access applications and other sources. However, if you decide to use a VPN, we suggest you to learn about which is the best vpn provider first, so you can choose the one that suits your needs or your company’s necessities.

Private network connections are established using a layer of an encrypted tunneling protocol and authentication methods such as entering a password or certificate to ensure security. In addition, the VPN function is for internet users who want to secure their personal identities to remain anonymous on the internet.

As we know there are some websites that can’t be opened like Reddit in some countries. However, users can still open it through the VPN. VPNs are created by establishing point to point virtual connections through the use of dedicated circuits with tunneling protocols on existing networks. VPN itself has its own types.

Basically, VPN creates a network within a network which is often also called tunneling. Tunneling has the aim to make a personal connection line that utilizes a different network.

Then when accessing a website, all data traffic requested by the website will be accessed through the ISP (Internet Service Provider) server. Well, here the VPN is tasked with encrypting data so that the VPN server is able to know user data traffic.

It can be concluded that the use of a VPN can protect your data from people who are not responsible, especially for you who often use a WiFi in a cafe that you are not familiar with.

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